How to balance Yoga practice. As Yoga matures, this is a new approach to balance physical and mental health, for serious students and beginners. All yoga forms emphasising either muscle (Yang) or connective (Yin) tissue. Today, all popular Yoga forms are Yang-muscular. Yin Yoga is unknown, but vital, as a balanced Yoga practice has many benefits, including better preparation for meditation. Yin Yoga focuses upon connective tissue, which does not stretch or respond to brief stresses as muscle will, so Yin postures are held a long time, with the muscles relaxed. Acupuncture meridians are also in connective tissues and Yin Yoga is specifically designed to stimulate them. Divided into two sections, the second part of the book deals with chakras, breathing exercises and meditation, and is fully illustrated with clear, concise descriptions of Yoga postures.

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